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Yaeger CPA Review Course

Yaeger CPA Review Course

Based on the positive feedback from viewers and reviewing the resources that Yaeger has to offer, I highly recommend Yaeger CPA Review Course to anyone considering to sit for the CPA exam or currently looking for an alternative CPA Review Course. It is one of the most state of the art CPA review courses available with one of the highest pass rates by its users. As the course does not expire until you pass the exam it will remove all the stress of having to worry about passing the exam within a specific time frame.

Pros include:

  • 88% pass rate for first time users which is due to the professional lecturers who provide insight for what students need to look for when taking the exam
  • Ability to access review material from DVDs, Online class, USB, and now even your mobile device
  • Price – Yaeger is approximately 50% cheaper than Becker and should be the next choice for students who don’t have a firm to cover their costs.
  • Excellent customer service – users of Yaeger CPA are given a hot line to call with any questions that the lectures may not be able to answer.

Cons Include:

  • Lecturers lack the entertainment level that is provided by Rogers CPA or Becker.
  • Lack of a live course for those individuals who feel they are not as self-motivated
  • Yaeger is just a supplement to Wiley. While Yaeger may utilize the Wiley material, for some people the extra lectures or the cram course may be what you need to pass the exam!

Yaeger CPA Review website here: