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Project Mars Competition for International Students by NASA, 2019

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SciArt Exchange in collaboration with NASA presents Project MARS competition- international art and film contest. The competition is open for college students and early career professionals to learn NASA’s deep space endeavors, including the Orion spacecraft, Space Launch System rocket and deep space gateway concept, and create their visualization of what this expedition may look like. For the competition, you have to shoot a film or make a poster. You may use NASA images, videos, and 3D models in your projects.


  • The competition is open for college students and early career professionals;
  • An early career professional is one who has less than 5 years of experience in the film or graphic arts industry.

Film specifications:

  • Videos can be submitted as private Vimeo or YouTube links.
  • Winning entries will need to be provided at the following settings:
  • Duration: 2 to 5 minutes;
  • Resolution: 1920×1080;
  • Frame rates: 29.97, 24, or 25;
  • Bitrate: 20Mbs; Codec: H.264;
  • Sound Codec: AAC-LC;
  • Audio sample rate: 48 KHz;
  • Audio bitrate: 320 kbps.

Poster Specifications:

  • Posters should be submitted as PDF Files optimized for on-screen viewing. Winning entries will need to be provided as full resolution printable files;
  • Standard on a sheet size of 27? x 41? Raster images may be used for poster elements. Images should be no smaller than 150 dpi. Rasterized typography should be 300 dpi or greater;
  • All fonts should be converted to outlines prior to submission.

Films and posters will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Production Quality & Aesthetics
  2. Technical Skill
  3. Creativity
  4. Story & Message of Final Product
  5. Relevance to Competition Theme

Requested submission information will include:

  1. Key Point of Contact for entry
  2. School Name & Faculty/Staff Point of Contact and Contact Information (if applicable)
  3. Each Team Member’s Name and Contact Information
  4. Film or Poster Entry Title
  5. Statement of Originality – 400 words or less. Describe motivation, storyline, and/or messages of art, etc. and provide credits for borrowed or heavily-sourced material.
  6. Signed Agreement form for EACH team member. For anyone under age 18, the agreement must be signed by a parent or guardian. Preview the agreement.
  7. Submit Vimeo or YouTube links for your film.
  8. Submit your poster in PDF format. Reduce your poster size to 25mb before submitting.


Entries will be disqualified for:

  1. Falsification of information, including plagiarism or use of copyrighted material without permission.
  2. Use of profanity, nudity not representing the human body in a positive way, substance abuse, or violent images.
  3. Showing film or poster ahead of the judged screening by ProjectMars.


Film: Three prizes will be awarded in the film category:

  • USD 10,000 Grand Prize;
  • USD 5,000 Judge’s Prize;
  • USD 5,000 Judge’s Prize.

Poster: ight prizes will be awarded in the poster category:

  • 1 X USD 1,500 First place;
  • 2 X USD 1,000 Second place;
  • 5 X USD 500 Third place.

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