Turkish Government Research Fellowships for International Students, 2017-2018

University of St.Gallen

Scholarship Description: Applications are inviting for Turkish Government Research Fellowship Programme for the academic year 2017-2018. Applicants who are citizen of countries other than turkey are eligible to apply for this fellowship program

Research Fellowship Programme was established with the aim of encouraging international researchers and academics to do using common researchers with the in-field-faculty members from our country and develop scientific interaction between researchers.

International students in Turkey, as well as the unique nature of a quality education, satisfy a deep-rooted history and a rich culture medium as well as the hospitable nature of the people and the historical value and economic living conditions, Turkey is one of the best choices for training.

Degree Level: Fellowship is available to pursue research.

Available Subject: Fellowship aims to encourage international researchers and academics to work with Turkish academics on collaborative researchers in Turkey and contribute to the development of the international scientific interaction between researchers.

Scholarship Benefits: The fellowship monthly cost is 3,000 TL. The fellowship does not include transportation, accommodation, and health insurance. It is recommended that the researchers, before coming to Turkey, arrange an accommodation, if possible, at the halls of residence at the university they will carry out their research.


Eligibility: The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • PhD holders or PhD candidates who are citizens of countries other than Turkey may apply to the Research Fellowship
  • Candidates must have completed their PhD studies or be at the dissertation stage.
  • Also, it is essential that candidates have an official Acceptance / Invitation Letter from a university in Turkey for research.
  • (To have an Acceptance / Invitation Letter, researchers should contact the universities individually)

Other requirements are as follows:

  • Being under 45 years old as of application date (preferably),
  • For PhD students, being enrolled at a university doctoral program abroad and being at the dissertation stage,
  • Having a PhD diploma for PhD holders,
  • Certifying the language proficiency required for the research.
  • IF personal data will be collected with the methods such as experiment, survey, focus group discussion, practice, having the “Ethics Committee Approval
  • Certificate” from the Ethics Committee of the University;
  • IF a study will be carried out on historical monuments and archaeological sites with non-public information, documents from institutions and organizations, having “Legal Permit” taken from a related governmental institution,

Eligible Nationalities: Applicants who are citizen of countries other than turkey are eligible to apply for this fellowship programme.


Application procedure: Applications are received online. Applicants may submit their applications throughout the year. Candidates must fill in the application form in the link below, scan required documents and upload them to the online form.

Applications are evaluated within 3 months from the date application is submitted. Candidates are informed of the outcome of their applications by e-mail. The e-mail consists of the follow-up information as well for successful applications.

Application Form

Deadline: Programme is open for application throughout the year.

Scholarship Link

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