Tallinn University Dora Plus Scholarship for PhD Student, Estonia, 2019

Tallinn University of Technology

Scholarship Description: The Tallinn University is offering Dora Plus scholarship for PhD student mobility for young researchers to support the mobility of doctoral degree students of Estonian universities (hereinafter the PhD students) to the universities or research institutions abroad.

The purpose of the scholarship for PhD student mobility is to improve the awareness of doctoral degree students of diverse teaching and research practices, encourage their involvement in international co-operation projects, improve the completion rates of doctoral studies, and strengthen the compliance of doctoral studies at Estonian universities with the principles of innovative doctoral studies.

Scholarship Provider: Tallinn University, as a university in Estonia, offers and develops education and research focusing on the needs of Estonia as a society. Given the new trends in higher education, we also value internationalisation. One in ten academic staff members comes from abroad, we increase the number of foreign students and our contribution to international research yearly.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to study PhD programme for young researchers.

Available Subject: The purpose of the guidelines is to set out the terms and procedures for the scholarships of the activity 1.2 “Study and research related mobility of Estonian doctoral degree students“ (hereinafter the PhD student mobility) of Action 1 “Participation of young researchers in the international circulation of knowledge” of the programme “Internationalisation of research and higher education, supporting mobility and new generations Dora Plus”1.

Scholarship Benefits: Expenses covered:

  1. Travel expenses (for two-ways travelling)
  2. Living expenses (given as per day)

Eligible Nationalities: This scholarship is available for students from Estonian Universities.

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

The scholarship is awarded to support the mobility of doctoral degree students of Estonian universities (hereinafter the PhD students) to the universities or research institutions abroad. A PhD student may apply for the scholarship for multiple times within his/her period of study, taking into account that the minimum duration of each mobility is 31 calendar days and the scholarship can be awarded in total for 10 months.

Application Procedure: To apply for the scholarship, please submit the following documents to the TU Dora Plus programme coordinator:

  • Application form (PS!Please save the filled application form to your computer as well);
  • Confirmation of acceptance from the host university or research institution. In case the host is absent, a quote from the library’s (or other institution’s) website (in the form of a link) indicating that the beneficiary has to access to the institution’s services during the mobility;
  • Individual work plan approved and signed by the thesis supervisor.

Application Form

Scholarship Link

Deadline: Application deadlines at TU are: February 15, May 15, and November 15.

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