Study Abroad Excellence Scholarships,Australia, 2013

University of Technology Sydney offers Study Abroad Excellence  Scholarships for International Students in Australia. The scholarships are based  on academic merit. Scholarships for International Students commencing  between Semester 2, 2011 and Semester 2, 2013 (inclusive) and who meet the  criteria will receive a scholarship. Application should be submitted till  30th June 2013.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are provided for  courses offered at University of Technology Sydney in  Australia. Course Level: This scholarship is  available for tertiary qualification degree level at University of  Technology Sydney in Australia. Scholarship  Provider: University of Technology Sydney in  Australia. Scholarship can be taken at: Australia.

Eligibility: Future international students intending to  undertake a study abroad program between Semester 2, 2011 and Semester 2, 2013  (inclusive).

Scholarship Open for International  Students: International students can apply for this  scholarship.

Scholarship Description: UTS International offers merit  scholarships for commencing international students enrolling in study abroad  programs. Scholarships will be awarded solely on the basis of academic merit.  All study abroad students commencing between Semester 2, 2011 and Semester 2,  2013 (inclusive) and who meet the criteria will receive a scholarship.

Number of award(s): Not Known

Duration of award(s): The scholarship will be  awarded at the point of offer and will be credited towards the first semester’s  study abroad tuition fees.

What does it cover? Each scholarship is valued at  A$2000 (to be credited to first semester tuition fees)

Selection criteria: Academic achievement in most  recently completed tertiary qualification recognized by UTS for entry into the  UTS study abroad program.

Notification:  Not Known

How to Apply:  If you apply to undertake a study  abroad program at UTS, commencing between Semester 2, 2011 and Semester 2, 2013  (inclusive), you will automatically be considered for this scholarship. You do  not need to submit a separate scholarship application or documentation in  addition to what is required for the study abroad application.

Scholarship Application  Deadline: The application deadline  is 30th June 2013.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

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