Scholarships in Germany, Macromedia University, 2015 for International Students

Macromedia University Germany

Macromedia University for Media and Communication is awarding partial scholarships in Germany for international students in bachelor’s and master’s degree program in Media and Communication Management, Media and Design and Journalism.

  • Scholarships are awarded in the field of Media and Communication Management, Media and Design and Journalism.
  • Scholarships are available for pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degree at Macromedia University.
  • MHMK, Macromedia University for Media and Communication.

Eligibility: The applicant must have applied and be eligible for a programme at Macromedia University. The applicant must prove to be eligible for either merit based or need based support. In case of an application for a merit based scholarship, Macromedia University requires proof of outstanding academic performance at High School (B.A. programmes) or the B.A. degree (M.A. programmes). In case of an application for a need based scholarship, Macromedia University requires written summary on the financial situation and background. Other proof may be handed in additionally, such as proof on need based state support, salary of applicant and/or parents etc. Please include information on what amount would be required to make funding possible, and keep in mind that Macromedia University cannot award full scholarships. In both cases they require an additional motivational statement, describing personal and subject-related qualifications and including details on social activities & volunteering. This motivational statement should outline the willingness of the applicant to support Macromedia University at student events and represent the university as a student ambassador.

  • As these are Scholarships for International students, Students outside Germany can apply for this scholarship.
  • Two different kinds of scholarship are awarded: the need based scholarship and the merit based scholarship.
  • The scholarships are initially awarded for one academic year and will be extended if the applicants’ grades and commitment are reconfirmed.
  • Macromedia University awards partial scholarships only. The amount of scholarships can be between 10% and 40% of the tuition fee.
  • Most important criteria are the applicant’s grades as well as the willingness and motivation to participate in and organize student activities on campus, e.g. organizing events, starting up student initiatives, taking on administrative tasks and tutorials, representing Macromedia University as a student ambassador. Moreover, the award depends on the candidate’s social involvement or exceptional commitment and willingness to do voluntary work for a social cause.
  • Announcement of results will be in 15 February, 15 June, 15 August and 15 November.

Application Procedure: 

The application documents must be submitted via email to the International Student Advisory Service at Macromedia University, after or together with a full programme application.

Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadlines are 31 January, 31 May, 31 July and 31 October.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application

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