PhD Student Paid Fellowships at GCAS College Dublin in Ireland, 2019

University College Dublin

Scholarship Description: The GCAS College Dublin is offering PhD Student Paid Fellowships starting fall term, 2019. Fellowship is available for international students.

This program is designed to provide students with a broad set of skills, knowledge and expertise. It is also set up to initially attract students from a variety of backgrounds so that the eventual application of expertise engages with the world in a range of places and on diverse topics.

“To provide the highest quality education and research opportunities in the world, debt-free.” Our mission is global and enduring. The sufficient capability and capacity to become a leader in global education require courage and a consistent push for innovation. These innovations come from the expertise and dedication of all GCAS faculty, staff, researchers and students.  Our professors are committed to teaching practices focused on theoretical and practical ways to maximize students abilities and gifts to better our world. The GCAS community relies on our diverse student body to continue providing opportunities for this well-grounded, debt-free and empowering education.

Degree Level: Fellowship is available to pursue a PhD programme.

Available Subject: Fellowship is awarded to study Doctorate (PhD) in Philosophy & Psychoanalysis or Social & Political Thought. This fellowship is awarded to a GCAS College Dublin PhD Researcher whose studies are focused on Post-Marxism.

Scholarship Benefits: The Ernesto Laclau Memorial PhD Fellowship — 8,000€ per year for three years.

Eligible Nationalities: Fellowship is available for international students.

Entrance Requirements: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

Our researchers come from some of the best academic institutions in the world, including UC Berkeley, Columbia University, London School of Economics, Swarthmore, Yale, New York University, Case Western Reserve University. However, as a research institute and college that is challenging traditional academia, we attract applicants who bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and fresh perspectives to the conversation and research. If you are passionate about learning new skills and want to help re-shape the future of learning, then we invite you to join our intellectual and activist community by applying. To help us accomplish our goal of truly accessible education, the application does not have a fee.

Our degree program is rigorous and applicants must possess an accredited Master’s degree to be considered for admission. On occasion, applicants with a BA and extensive experience may be considered. Applicants with a BA who the admissions committees do not feel meet the requirements for the PhD will be considered for the MA program.

Application Procedure:

  1. Complete “Phase one (1)” application form (on this page)
  2. Pay the application fee via the link below the application.
  3. Once we receive your (a) Phase one (1) application; and (b) application fee we will notify you via the email address you provided in the application.
  4. You will then be sent Phase two (2) of the PhD Application. This phase is divided into the following eight (8) parts:

(a) Submit: a current CV (Curriculum Vitae)

(b) Submit: A PhD Research Proposal (five to six pages in length double-spaced and 12-inch font size)

(c) Submit: A Methodological Statement (two pages in length)

(d) Submit: An Annotated Bibliography of 5 books/articles germane to your research

(e) Submit A bibliography that reflects the corpus of your research field. The bibliography must contain at least 25 books/articles.

(f) Submit: A Research Writing Sample (at least 3,000 words in length)

(g) Pass an Interview (online or in person)

(h) Submit English Language Exam results if required

  1. After the applicant completes Phase two (2) you will be informed about the decision that Application’s Committee makes. This will normally take two weeks from the time you complete Phase Two (2) requirements.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: November 15, 2018

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