Latin American Scholarship Programs (CALDO)

Award Overview


U of T is home to approximately 650 students from Latin America, many of whom are graduates of the region’s leading universities. International PhD students in most programs at U of T are charged the same tuition fees as our domestic students. To further attract and support Latin America’s best and brightest students, U of T has established a number of scholarship agreements with Latin America via CALDO. The CALDO Consortium provides guidance to prospective students from Latin America on finding and applying for graduate programs in top Canadian universities.

Note: Funding criteria and levels may vary from call to call. Hence, applicants are encouraged to check the scholarship agency website for up to date information. While Latin American scholarships listed above may be held in any associated funded program, only those eligible under the CALDO agreements will provide the fee differential between the international and domestic tuition. This includes most research-stream master’s and doctoral programs, which provide graduate funding. In all cases, applicants must receive written confirmation from their proposed graduate program at UofT to verify that it is an eligible program under the CALDO agreements. Professional and course-based master’s and doctoral programs are not considered to be eligible programs under the agreement.

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