Italy University of Pavia Scholarships for Developing Countries

Italy University of Pavia Scholarships for Developing Countries

There is a call for applications currently opened to candidates from Developing Countries who already got the scholarship last year: the scholarship is intended to finance their second year of Master Course at Pavia University.

Fund for Cooperation and Knowledge

The University of Pavia (UNIPV) and its students decided to create the ‘Fund for Cooperation & Knowledge – in and out of Pavia’. The Fund is financed thanks to the contribution both of the students (2 Euros each) and of the University itself. The Fund is intended to provide scholarships to students from Developing Countries, who wish to study one year at the University of Pavia, and to UNIPV students who would like to spend some months in a Developing Country for studying, researching and/or training.

The Fund and the selection of the students are managed by a Committee composed by students, professors and officers of the University of Pavia, plus a representative of the DGDC, for a total of 15 members. The Committee will select – among the applicants – the students who will receive a scholarship for the Academic Year 2014-2015.

Work schedule:

  • May 2014: opening of the call for applications;
  • May/June 2014: collection of the applications;
  • June 2014: selection of the winning students;
  • June 2014: defining the program of the selected students;
  • September 2014: the Program starts;
  • A.Y. 2014-2015: carrying out of the Program;
  • July 2015: the Program ends.

Application Deadline: 06 June 2014 

Further Details:

Please Click Here for more information.

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