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8th Cycle HUJI Postdoctoral Fellowship to Students from China and India in Israel, 2019

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Applications are invited for Scholarship Program for outstanding postdoctoral fellows from China and India. This is the 8th cycle of the Council for Higher Education in Israel Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) scholarship programme.

The program goals are to increase the number of outstanding international post-doctoral researchers in Israel and strengthen the research groups in Israeli universities and Enhance academic cooperation and research collaboration with China and India.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, founded in 1918 and opened officially in 1925, is Israel’s premier university as well as its leading research institution. The Hebrew University is ranked internationally among the 100 leading universities in the world and first among Israeli universities. The Hebrew University strives for excellence, an integral element in its academic life.

Course Level: Fellowships are available to pursue Postdoctoral programme.

Study Subject: Fellowships are awarded in all fields of research.

Scholarship Award: Fellowship of value NIS 115,000 per year, of which NIS 46,000 will be paid by the supervisor (NIS 41,000 scholarship and NIS 5,000 travel).

Number of ScholarshipsThe Planning and Budgeting Committee (PBC) will award a maximum of 55 fellowships to outstanding post-doctoral researchers from China and India during the academic year 2019/20. Each fellowship will be awarded for up to two years. The fellowships will be allocated in one round and according to clause 5 of the Call for Proposals.

Eligible Countries: Postdoctoral fellows from China and India are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Entrance Requirements: The candidates shall fulfil the following requirements:

6.1 Candidates must apply to the university by 11.11.2018 and the university must submit its candidates via the application form by 30.11.2018.
6.1.1 Universities may set a different internal deadline, but they may not submit applications to the PBC later than the date stated above.
6.2 All candidates shall be citizens of China or India, and shall not hold Israeli citizenship. Candidates who have Indian or Chinese citizenships and have completed their doctoral degrees in an institution outside of China or India are also eligible to apply for this fellowship.
6.3 Candidates must hold a doctorate or post-doctorate degree for whom, on the date of publishing this notice (8 August 2018), no more than one year has passed since their last academic position and no more than five years have passed from the date of receiving a doctoral degree.
6.4 Candidates may be submitted who have not yet received their doctoral degree by the date of submission, on condition that they will provide confirmation from the relevant authority where the doctorate is being carried out, authorizing that the candidate will fulfill all of his/her academic obligations and is expected to receive his/her doctoral degree during his/her first year of study in Israel. If the candidate does not receive the doctoral degree during the first year of his/her stay in Israel, he/she will not be able to continue his/her activities and the institution will terminate his/her fellowship.
6.5 The candidates should intend to conduct research in their academic field on a full-time basis in an established research team in a university in Israel, under the training of a researcher who is a faculty member in the university.
6.6 Candidates who commenced a post-doctoral position in Israel prior to the publication of this notice (8 August 2018) are not eligible to apply for the fellowship.

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

How to Apply: Applications should include:

1) Completed application form and signed declaration (attached).
2) Official letter from university signed by the rector.
3) Copy of official academic degree certificates in English (Bachelors, Masters, PhD if relevant).
4) For candidates who have not yet finished their PhD, a confirmation from the relevant authority where the doctorate is being carried out, authorizing that the candidate will fulfill all of his/her academic obligations and is expected to receive his/her doctoral degree no later than during his/her first year of study in Israel.
5) Curriculum Vitae including the list of publications, mentioning the impact factor of the journals in which the papers were published, if relevant. Please refrain from writing over two passages about each patent (if relevant).
6) A summary of the doctoral dissertation (up to one page).
7) A summary of the research plan in Israel, including the reasons for the choice of institution and academic supervisor and the existing connection, if any, at the time of submission (up to 2 pages).
8) Three recommendation letters, not including the Israeli supervisor.
9) Letter of consent from the supervisor at the Israeli university. Letters should provide detailed information about the candidate’s potential contribution and reasons for taking on the candidate.

Scholarship Link

Deadline: October 20, 2018

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