George Mason University Humane Studies Fellowship Program in USA, 2017

Applications are invited for Humane Studies Fellowships to pursue a liberty advancing career in academia. Fellowships are only open to IHS alumni.

IHS is a nonprofit educational organization that engages with students and professors around the country to encourage the study and advancement of freedom.

Degree Level: It is a non-residency fellowship program to help graduate students succeed in their PhD program.

Available Subject: Intended for graduate students with an interest in developing, teaching, and applying the principles of a free society, this program supports research in the humanities and social sciences.

Research interests from previous Humane Studies Fellowship recipients have included:

  •      Market-based approaches to environmental policy
  •      The legal development of privacy and property rights in 18th-century England
  •      The role of patient autonomy in bioethics
  •      Impediments to economic growth in developing countries
  •      The relationship between U.S. presidential politics, fiscal policies, and economic performance

Scholarship Benefits: The Humane Studies Fellowship is a renewable award of up to $15,000, and you may re-apply each year of your graduate school studies.

Eligibility: To be eligible to apply for the Humane Studies Fellowship, you must:

  • Be enrolled in a PhD program for the upcoming academic year.
  • Have a research interest that contributes to liberty-advancing scholarship.
  • Have attended an IHS program or event (If you’re new to IHS, check out our PhD Scholarship!).

Nationality: Fellows (IHS alumni) from all around the world are eligible for these Humane Studies.

How to Apply: To complete the application for the Humane Studies Fellowship, you will need to upload the following:

  • Your CV.
  • A recent writing sample of 3,000 words or fewer. If your preferred writing sample is longer than 3,000 words, a partial sample of that work is acceptable.
  • An electronic transcript from your current (or most recent) institution. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Application Form

Application Deadline: The deadline for all applications is January 31, 2017.

Scholarship Link

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