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Australia Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) for Scholarships for Master’s Degree, 2019

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Scholarship Description: The Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) is pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for the master degree programme.

Eligible candidates must fulfil the requirements specified by the Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labor and Human Resources.

Degree Level: Scholarships are available to pursue a Master’s degree.

Available Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study :

  1. MP1 (Masters in Public Policy): One year program
  2. MP2 (Masters in Public Policy): Two-year program

Scholarship Benefits:

  • A monthly stipend which is intended to cover living expenses such as food, clothing, and other daily expenses, as well as accommodation, transportation, medical treatment, insurance, and various miscellaneous expenses related to your study at GRIPS. This stipend is fixed and cannot be increased to cover family members.
  • Application fee, admission fee, and tuition.
  • An economy-class air ticket from your home country to Japan upon enrollment at GRIPS and an economy-class air ticket from Japan to your home country upon completion of your studies at GRIPS.

*Allowances and rules differ slightly for each scholarship.
However, as the number of scholarships available is limited, we urge you to explore funding opportunities that are offered by outside sources, including your own government. The Japanese government also provides scholarships on an open and competitive basis through your local Japanese embassy. However, GRIPS no longer accepts applications under this category.

Eligible Nationalities: The scholarship is available to citizen of a country other than Australia or New Zealand.

Eligibility Criteria: Applicants must meet the following criteria:

General requirements (in addition to the above criteria in sl. no. 2)

  1. Civil Servants: Eligible candidates must fulfil the in-service training criteria of the BCSR 2018; and
  2. Others (Non-civil servant): Eligible candidates must fulfil the requirements specified by the Department of Human Resources, Ministry of Labor and Human Resources).

Important Notes:

  • Applicants should consult respective Ministry/Agency before applying for the course;
  • Agency should ensure relevancy of the course and only eligible candidate apply for the above course; and
  • Agency shall upload the study proposal via CSIS only upon receiving confirmation of admission from the University via RCSC for the selected applicant.
  1. Master’s Programs and Five-year PhD Programs
       A bachelor’s degree or its equivalent
  2. Three-year PhD Programs
    A master’s degree or its equivalent

Application Procedure:

  • Application procedures differ by program. Some programs require that you apply directly to GRIPS whereas others require that you apply through a sponsoring organization. Please see below for how to apply to each program.
  • For details about each program, go to Degree Programs.
  • For information concerning funding including scholarships, go to Fees & Tuition Expenses.
  • For deadlines, see Application Deadlines by Program.

Online Application

Scholarship Link

Deadline: November 1 0, 2018

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