HEC Need Based Scholarships, Pakistan

Higher Education Commission (HEC) aims to elevate the socio-economic position of the needy & deserving students by providing access to quality education through needs-based scholarships. Government of Pakistan (GOP) has also duly acknowledged the financial constraints barring students from acquiring higher education and has thus earmarked substantial funds for the improvement of education sector.


1.  Scholarships are available at undergraduate & graduate levels in the prescribed disciplines at the Partner Pakistani Universities and Degree Awarding Institutions.

2.  Students need to secure admission in the approved discipline at the participating institution as per their admission policy and be enrolled in Undergraduate / Graduate programs.

3.  Only those students who will enroll in first professional year in the respective courses offered by the participating institutions are eligible to apply.

4.  The eligibility of a candidate is linked to neediness of the candidate as determined & assessed by the financial background of his/her family.

The filled application should be returned to relevant Financial Aid Offices where the applicant intends to secure admission.

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